About us

About us

EPFA is located at Schiller School, Raj Nagar Sector 6 Ghaziabad.

EPFA is first of its kind Academy in Ghaziabad which promotes girls participation on the field. Our motto is to promote football as a sport among young boys and girls which believes in inculcating a creative and attacking brand of football among its players. With an aim to provides an opportunity to the kids in the age bracket of 4-17 years to learn the methodology and values of the Beautiful game.

EPFA emphasis on curating the programmes that would deliver the good quality football skills, Ball touching techniques, team work, Basic tactical and technical aspects of the Beautiful game, enhancing the footwork combined with mandatory learning concepts such as colour and number recognition, sharing, following instructions and using imagination particularly in their Little Kickers

Programme. The format remains learning through play and because children are allowed to work to their own ability.

Our games cleverly disguise the learning aspect so the children just think they are playing. The more the children enjoy the games, the more they participate. This enjoyment leads to greater confidence, which in turn leads to self-initiated participation and independent play.

About Coaching Sessions


Each of our training sessions lasts about 60 minutes in order to ensure quality time to learn and adapt to the philosophies we work on. During sessions, each player will be taught in accordance to the famed set of drills which are hand-picked by our Technical Director/ Founder. Each training group possess around 8-13 players to ensures that each and every player gets quality time from their respective coaches.

How do we work?

For any player to join our Academy, he/she would have to give a free trial at our centres, where the technical director/ Head Coach will assess and evaluate the Kid’s performance and recommend an appropriate group for the player as per their skills and age.

Step 1

Register Yourself


Call or Whatsapp to book your free trial.


Step 2

Field Trial Session


Field trial session under coaches


Step 3

Registration & Enrollment


Form filling and submission with fees

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